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Motivate your team with a compelling tale, one that transcends audiences, from young to old, student to professional. Albert Mensah brings energy, inspiration and passion to the stage and fires up audiences to make a change, create an opportunity and overcome obstacles.





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Albert has a gift for reading audiences and creating an authentic connection. He encourages you to recognize your inner strength through thought-provoking speeches made to inspire. From a hut in Ghana to business success in the United States, he’s got a lot to share with his audiences.

He now works with huge crowds and the top companies providing storytelling and business that wows each individual that is listening. Albert will inspire you to seek out those hidden opportunities and even provides coaching for a more personalized approach.

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As a business motivational speaker, Albert focuses on a broad range of powerful topics relevant to the corporate world as much as schools and youth groups. Each word spoken has a purpose, and you’ll see how he can enrapture an entire audience’s attention within moments. Albert believes in real-life examples and providing the best tools, focusing his speeches on three key themes: opportunity, resilience, and agility.


When trying to achieve your goals, you need to make the most of every opportunity available. Albert’s story shows this, from growing up in Ghana and making the most of his life in America. He puts this idea at the forefront of every speech. In his words: “Opportunities are there all the time; they are simply cloaked by obstacles.”


Resilience is vital for those times you come across a bump in the road and need to get back on the right path. Albert was highly resilient throughout his journey to becoming a success in America, and he teaches audiences to do the same. You can’t reach your dreams without a little fight, and this is what every speech given by Albert will inspire you to do.


Being able to think quickly and on your feet is a powerful skill to have. Agility is all about spotting opportunities, making quick changes, adapting, and overcoming obstacles. Albert learned how valuable this quality is, and it is reflected strongly through his mix of storytelling and business. He can help you become more agile and achieve success.

About Albert

Storytelling with a twist 

Inspiring and engaging audiences of all ages, as a motivational speaker for business, Albert’s story includes universal themes and puts them into context with lived experience. He is the migrant success story everyone wants to hear.

Each speech brings audiences to their feet and inspires companies to reach higher and achieve those goals that seemed hard to fulfill in the past. You’ll feel like Albert is talking directly to you when listening to one of his speeches, encouraging you to make a change.



A Spectacular job connecting with the audience.Albert captivated our attention with his stories,correlating then to the professionaland personal problems we face every day.”

Tracy Oden
Boeing Management Association

“We were impressed with the research (Albert Mensah) did to customize his message to our company. By doing this type of due diligence he inspried all who were in attendance.”

Frederick Davis
Manager, Global Diversity &
Inclusion,International Paper

“(Albert Mensah’s) passion,commitment and energy were infectious and he left our team motivaten and with a new perspective on embracing change.

Christopher Bodlovic
Senior Director, H R operations Cisco


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Three steps to success
To secure Albert for your event or a private coaching session, simply:

1. Get in touch with details and dates to check availability. He will talk over the opportunity with you to understand your needs.
2. Let Albert know what you’re looking for. He will guide you through some simple questions and then start researching your organization
3. Enjoy the speech! Albert will make sure everything is tailored to your audience, your organization and your goals.




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Booking Albert’s to share his insights into storytelling and business for your event couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve selected a date, he will work with you to create a customized speech to support your message.

Albert works with a whole variety of organizations and audiences, including:

  • Corporatecompanies
  • Schoolchildren
  • Universitystudents

Get ready for a rousing speech with unforgettable advice that will inspire, drive change, and generate excitement.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.


A speaker for the people

Inspiring audiences of all ages

Albert Mensah is a powerful business motivational speaker who uses his past experiences and successes to inspire. Each speech is crafted to relate to a specific audience, whether you want to cover themes of leadership, inspire sales teams or drive change management. He’s worked across the country, attending schools and corporate events to help those who want to reach their goals.

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Hear Are Some Of The Top Companies Served By Albert Mensah