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“We fail to fulfill our dreams because we impose limits and restrictions on what we believe is possible.” – Albert Mensah

Speeches that connect

Albert Mensah is an expert in storytelling and business and has fresh insights that are just what you need to change your life. Each audience member who listens to him is inspired to make the most of the opportunities that life throws their way. He has an infectious energy and combines it with experience and the tools and techniques to help every audience member change their mindset.

Inspiring topics

There are three key themes that Albert focuses on during each of his speeches. You’ll be inspired by his insights on making the most of opportunities, how to build resilience in work and life, and how an agile approach to business can help you adapt and respond to unforeseen situations in a positive and dynamic way.

Engaging insights for everyone

Albert works with large groups, ranging from schools and youth groups to major corporate brands, to help them achieve their goals. Every speech is unique and personalized, and Albert will light up the stage with his energy. When it comes to motivational speakers for business and youth, Albert has the story and skills to inspire

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